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Lucky Computers providing PC Maintenance Services at different Institutions , Companies , Hotels ,Hospitals and Print & Electronic Media on Call ,Monthly ,Quarterly ,Half yearly and Yearly basis in all our Karachi since 1998.







Lucky Computers and Services (hereunder referred to as the Company.) agrees to maintain the computer(s) on the reverse in normal working order in accordance with the conditions applying to the type of agreement.


1)         Maintenance:

Maintaining the computer for the purposes of this agreement means maintaining the hardware in normal working order. The agreement does not cover maintaining or repairing software. If an engineer is called out under the terms of the agreement and the problem is found to be faulty software - the customer is liable for vistt of the call out fee and time spent on the job. The Company is not responsible in any way for any loss of data or productivity due to equipment failure. The mouse is treated as a consumer able item like floppy disks and is not covered by this agreement.


2)         Workshop Service:

Means that the customer is responsible in transporting their equipment to and from the workshop for service. Also, the Company reserves the right to remove the equipment to its workshop for repair if deemed necessary.


3)         On-Site Service:

The Company will provide the maintenance at the customer's site as agreed by on the terms of the agreement. If the computer equipment is relocated to a new site, the customer shall inform the company of the new location. If the location is outside the Service Centre operating boundaries, the Company shall have the right to make a mileage surcharge for the call, or charge an additional premium to hire a subcontractor.


4)         Misuse of Neglect:

Damage to the device, due to misuse, theft, neglect, accident, tempest, fire, flood, earthquake, or other similar cause is in no circumstance covered by this agreement.


5)         Availability of Components:

The Company does not accept responsibility for any repair or any delay in carrying out repairs caused by "difficult to source parts" but will always endeavour to respond promptly and effectively,


6)         Unauthorized Service:

The Company shall be entitled to cancel this agreement forthwith should any adjustment or service attention be carried out, except by an engineer employed or approved by the Company.


7)         Resulting Damage:

The Company will attempt to respond promptly and effectively to calls for service. It will be under no liability for the loss or damage of any description (computer data included) resulting on the Company's negligence or failure to act promptly.


8)         Serial numbers:

The Company shall cease to be further bound if the serial number or other identification marks are removed,


9)         Time of Service:

The Company will carry out service at the request of the customer and only during hours that are reasonably practical. The Company does not carry out service on weekends or Public Holidays.


10)       Termination of Service Agreement:

The agreement will terminate at 5pm on the day noted on the agreement form. If the agreed agreement is being paid monthly by the customer and for some reason the payments stop, the agreement will terminate.


11)       Modification or Transfer of Agreement:

The terms and conditions of this agreement cannot be altered except by written agreement with the Company. Nor is the agreement transferable except with the written consent of the Company.





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